Sonic’s future “uncertain”

Excuse me for making this my first post on my site, but I feel like this needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Sonic the hedgehog, famous for battling against Nintendo’s Super Mario in the 90’s and SEGA’s current flagship mascot, is once again facing a new dark age within his video game career. A poll from TSSZ (The Sonic Speed Zone) asked people if Sonic Team (The developers behind Sonic’s games) would be affected by the “fiasco” that is Sonic Boom.

Surprisingly, the majority of the tallies counted were Yes by 40%, while 33% voted No, and 27% voted Not Sure. Although the votes for Yes and No may have changed throughout the weeks provided due to the fact that the poll allowed you to have multiple responses, the recent reviews, and the endless amount of factors such as the infinite jump glitch. However as it stands, this poll is the largest impact that the sonic community has seen in a while, and some like this user (Whom goes by the name MM2) have lost trust in the brand completely.

“You seem awfully forgiving. A lot of my friends have outright jumped ship entirely, and me with them.

It’s rentals from here on out.”


Although Sonic Boom game is a Spin-off, it seems the brand doing a “speedy” job of alienating users from Sonic in it’s state. In fact, the demand for Sonic Games due to the mess of Sonic Boom are lower than ever, with some trade values ranging from a dollar to less, and some stores such as Walmart have dropped their prices down to 20$ for Sonic Boom.

For the rest of sonic fans, it seems likely that this might be the final ambition for sonic’s games, and they might never sell again.


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