Nintendo of America Rep Says Amiibo First Wave Figures Won’t Be Discontinued, More Stock Arriving Soon

Thank god, my collect dream was about to die.

My Nintendo News

A Nintendo of America representative has reportedly debunked rumours after reports came filtering in that select Nintendo Amiibo models – such as Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Villager – would be discontinued. In a bid to quash those statements, NoA’s assistant PR manager David Young has sent notification to fans saying that Nintendo will not be discontinuing these figures and that more are on the way.

Amiibo are fast becoming popular in the US and UK gaming markets with GAME UK hiking up the price and Amazon saying they are currently in short supply. Whether or not this is the case of Nintendo underestimating demand during the Christmas season, or if it’s the case of retailers pulling stock back for select models is not yet known. Though not official confirmation from Nintendo of America itself, David Young’s email has been passed around social media, which you can see below.


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